Creating Profiles On The Web For Swingers

Sep 30th, 2016 at 08:09PM

Creating Profiles On The Web For Swingers

Pay close attention to the description of the couples. Is everything such as height, weight, sexual preference, etc filled out? The more thought people put into the content the better chance you have. Couples that talk about being happily married and doing family functions “together” such as grilling, boating, traveling, etc are usually more stable and are in the swinger lifestyle for the right reasons. Use caution with profiles that only talk about sex, pictures and hooking up, sometimes couples are in the lifestyle for the wrong reason or you might not be communicating with a couple but a single looking to cheat.

All swinger web sites have places for public, private and personal pictures to be opened and closed easily. These sites copy protect your pictures so people can’t easily copy them. Swingers that like to stay private should use this feature and not email or text pictures. When couples say we don’t post pics for privacy issues but are willing to email them they are either putting themselves at a greater risk of privacy or more likely, they could be fake and just want to get your pictures for their own personal collection. You don’t want a family member to Google search your naked ASS on the web. Be very careful of people that ask to IM on yahoo, you have a greater chance of communicating with a fake couple, also single guys posing as swinger couples love to use this tactic. Look closely at pictures, do they match the height, weight and age of the couple? Stick to this and you are more likely to find quality couples.

Please always have pictures of the male and female and put thought into the pics you post. The “I just woke up after a night of drinking picture” doesn’t help you. Before taking pics make sure your hair is combed? Make-up on? Pay attention to the background details in your photos, Is the bed made? Are the dirty clothes on the floor? Is the toilet seat up? Is the dog eating your vibrator?

Most sites have ways to certify members as being real swingers. Some people think certs mean you have had sex with them but actually it is a great way to simply let others know they are real and are good quality swingers for the lifestyle. I’m not saying people need lots of certs but everyone that is active in the swinger lifestyle should have a few well written, meaningful certs by people they have met. Sometimes you can follow the certs and learn about a persons entire group of friends, this will give you a even better outlook on them.

Mostly read the profile to be sure they are a good match for you. Most people in the swinger lifestyle is awesome, however not everyone is a match. Share several emails with them to make sure you have things in common. I always suggest a phone call prior to meeting people, this is the most effective way to be sure they are real and you will connect after meeting. If you ask them to call you and they say, “We don’t have a phone, the dog ate it” you know they are fake!