Swing Lifestyle Terminology and Misconceptions

Sep 30th, 2016 at 08:24PM

Swing Lifestyle Terminology and Misconceptions

“The Lifestyle” and “Swinging” doesn’t necessarily mean partner swapping.

Why do we have to be so secretive when we join the lifestyle? Well that’s because of the misconceptions that people have when they hear the word swingers. What they don’t know is that over 15 million Americans are or have tried swinging and have attended a swing party/club. Attending a swing party or club does not mean you have to or want to swap sexual partners. The lifestyle is about being”sexually open minded”. Those who are not in the lifestyle are referred to as vanilla. Meaning they are bland or boring and tend to be very sexually closed minded. Lifestyle couples generally talk about sex openly and share their fantasies freely with others without being judged. Couples that you find at swinger clubs and on swinger social networking websites may have never played with another partner/couple but enjoy the socialization with other open minded adults.

You will find a wide variety of interest among the couples you will meet at swinger clubs. There are the voyeurs and exhibitionist that enjoy watching or listening to others have hot sex or they enjoy having sex with each other while others watch them. Many couples that get into the lifestyle are looking for a hot threesome; they are either looking for another male or female to join them and help fulfill some sexual fantasies. The majority of couples are looking for a “unicorn,” a hot woman that will play with the female half while the male half watches or if he is lucky, may get to participate, if it is agreed upon. Everyone has some type of sexual fantasy at one point or another and swinging gives us the opportunity to fulfill these fantasies.

Soft swap and full swap, this is also another difference in the lifestyle. Not everyone understands what this is so I will explain it… Soft swap has a variety of meanings but it’s most common meaning is, that you enjoy sexual activity such as kissing, touching, or oral but with no penetration. And full swap means that you are looking to have full out intercourse with another partner.

The great thing about that the lifestyle is, that we are open minded, no judging here. Whether you are BI, into BDSM, or just like watching others have sex you can go to a swingers club and find a no pressure environment where you can socialize, dance and maybe meet another couple to help fulfill your sexual fantasies. We have all watched a porno at some time in our lives, how hot it is to watch people having sex, now imagine that you were there during the filming of that porno, live sex between consenting adults. That’s HOT and this is something that you are guaranteed to see at an on premise swing club. You don’t have to be labeled either, you may full swap one night and another night you may only want to be an exhibitionist with your own partner. Most couples chose what they want depending on their situation that moment. They key to remember in the lifestyle is communication, be open and honest with your partner as well as with others that you meet.