French Connection Events started in 1998 and grew out of small monthly house parties in New Orleans. When our parties grew to the point that they were drawing over 75 couples (at our home), we knew we had to find a larger venue. We moved our house party to a restaurnt in the French Quarter (in Jax Brewery) and we started advertising on the web. As our parties grew in size and frequency, people from all over the country started attending.

Finally in 2000, our 1st convention, N'awlins in November, was born. Located by the New Orleans airport, almost 180 couples attended that 1st weekend. Our concept of taking over an entire hotel was a big hit and everyone that attended had a great time. Eventually, the event would move downtown, onto Bourbon St, and swell to over 1,000 couples (that's over 2,000 people!). The city would actually shut off Bourbon St for us and we hosted our 1st ever Mardi Gras Parade in 2001.

We (Tess & Bob) have produced conventions in New Orleans, Miami, Key West, Chicago & Las Vegas and hosted group trips to Amsterdam, the Mediterranean, Jamaica & Mexico.